Analysis of your needs

Dreaming of a large house by a lake? Is it really the property that meets your needs? You have to know the difference between the house of our dreams and the one that really suits us. Before you begin your research, take time to think.

Your needs
Each family has its own needs and priorities. How many rooms and bathrooms do you need? Is a dining room really necessary? And the garage, will it become another storage space?

Your Tastes
Consider your tastes. If you are not a handyman, avoid homes that need major renovations. Favorite for a large lot? Do not forget that you will need to maintain it. If you prefer urban life to get closer to services, theaters and trendy restaurants, expect to live in a noisier and less green environment. In short, set your priorities!

What is your budget?
Do not make the mistake of buying a home without the price is above your means. To find the property that suits you, adjust your needs to your budget. Once you are your owner, your investment of value and your offer of offer, later, for a property closer to your ideal. Initially, consider making reservations for purchase and contingency expenses. That’s not to mention maintenance, insurance and repairs, not the annual fee of 2% or 3% of the price of the house.

Your environment
Your environment is also an important factor. Is there a nursery or school nearby? Can your children use public transit or will you drive them? Think about how far you are from work.


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